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Below are some of the more frequently asked questions:



Q. What industry do we service?
A. ITS repairs, unlocks, buys and sells Smartphones, Tablets and a host of electronic devices. We offer same-day on-site repairs on most major models of smartphones and tablets with competitive pricing using the best quality parts available. Our professional technicians will inspect and provide free estimate for the right repair solutions that best sets your needs.
Q.  I dont know what is wrong with my device what do I do?
A. Bring it in to us or send us a request and let our technicians take a look at it . We will diagnose it and let you know right away
if anything is wrong with it.


Q.  What if you can't fix it?
A. Most items can be repaired but if it can not be fixed it costs you nothing.
Q. My Phone Screen is white when its turned on but I only see white on the screen?
A. White Screen usually means LCD damage has occurred and may need to be replaced.
Q. My glass on the Smartphone is not responding to my touch, what is wrong with it?
A. Almost 100% of the time it means the digitizer is either unplugged in the device or the digitizer is damaged
and needs to be replaced with a new one.
Q. If you work on my Smartphone or Tablet will I loose my memory and / or data etc?
A. Most Repairs of Smartphones/Tablets do not result in any loss to any files in memory, if that happens our
customer will be aware before starting it. Memory is only affected when the odd time the item is frozen and if
it needs to be reset.
Q. One of the earphones does not work, can you fix it?
A. Yes we will replace the jack and in no time both ear phones will work fine.
Q. My battery always runs out even if I barely use it can you help me with this?
A. Yes, we will first look at what firmware you run and if it is too low, upgrade it to a more efficient one and see how it operates then.
If the problem still persist, we will replace your old battery with a new one. At ITS Repair Store we have seen it all, and experience has
taught us that it could be something as simple as an upgrade.
Q. What is the Difference between using ITS or going to a phone retailer store?
A. The difference for the most part is price and service. Our price to repair you Smartphone, Tablet or Device will always be at less
cost than the retail stores. Also we try to have your repair done on the spot or within a day. We know you want them back fast and
in good working order.
Q. What if I got my item repaired and it broke again?
A.  If the same problem arises within the 3 month warranty , we will look at it for you and replace the damaged
part with a new one free of charge. (Some conditions apply)
                                                                       More Questions, Contact us
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